October 21st, 2015


Уголок английского языка 2

Заполните пропуски устоявшимися выражениями:

1) Eventually by trial and (error/fault) he found the correct answer
2) The booklet supplies all the facts and (figures/numbers) about global warming
3) The are certain important rules and (protocols/regulations) that must be followed
4) Having a massage is an excellent way of relieving aches and (troubles/pains)
5) This book contains hundreds of tried and (verified/tested) recipes
6) The insurance policy does not cover wear and (charge/tear) to the equipment
7) Successful negotiation involves a certain amount of give and (take/yield)
8) Terry’s vintage Ford Cabriolet was his pride and (praise/glory)
9) I’m sick and (angry/tired) of receiving so much junk mail
10) They were relieved when the children turned up safe and (sound/complete)

Все ответили совершенно верно! Молодцы!!!
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