October 19th, 2015


Уголок английского языка

Вот задание для затравки:

a) Let's go out for a drink for (old/past) times' sake
b) We're living in rented accommodation for the time (present/being)
c) I haven't seen Rob for (donkey's/elephant's) years
d) I don't remember that song - it was before my (time/times)
e) We arrived (at/in) the station just (in/on) the nick of time
f) The pace of life was slower in (past/former) times
g) She decided to go to Paris on the (impulse/spur) of the moment
h) The coach will leave at five o'clock on the (point/dot)
i) It's (high time/more than time) we bought new carpets

Потом напишу правильные ответы и имя победителя.

Первой совершенно верно ответила eez.
Второй правильный ответ дала gde_moi_17_let
Третьей правильно ответила antinomia.

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